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Pink Wedding Flowers - Picking The Right Pink Flowers For Your Wedding

Whether or not you choose pink as the main colour for your wedding reception or not, pink flowers can just about fit in any set up. In this article there will be a discussion on the types of pink flowers and the wide choices for you to make. In a wedding reception with pink as the theme colour there would be bright pink colours possibly pink gerberas, roses, stargazer lilies and some purple lisianthus. The different pink wedding flowers will be discussed below.

Pink Wedding flowers

There are quite a number of pink wedding flower types and these are roses, gerberas and more which will be explained. Pink roses are the first type of pink wedding flowers and the bouquets can be created for a certain number of brides and have ranges available that vary much. Pink rose bouquets vary from full bodied pink roses right to whites that have pink blushes. Roses in general are everyone’s favourite because in weddings they look wonderful and they do not seem to whether or wilt during or after the sermon. They are definitely an option not to leave out and are highly recommended by most florists. Their scent is also to note as good fresh looking pink roses with a bit of tan will make your wedding decorations the envy of many.

The variety is wide in pink wedding flowers and pink gerberas will produce the same greatness as the previously mentioned roses. Having pink gerberas at your wedding will surely make it worth remembering for every guest. In order to make a marking statement you should select cerise pink gerberas like the Serena. Other pale pink flowers and some that are dusty pink are available as well. Pink gerberas flowers can also be used on their own or to enhance the outlook of other flowers. They can for example be teamed up with say Singapore orchids and even added to and combined with purple lisianthus for an inside arrangement.

For you to get the maximum potential of pink flowers you should choose a flower that has white or is dominated by a white colour and has certain parts of pink in it. This particular combination will work out very well especially if you wear a pink dress. These flowers that have the ability to combine colours include cymbidium orchids and some lilies. Tulips, freesias and nerine are some of the other pink wedding flowers available.

Besides the fact that pink flowers are very beautiful, there can be problems when it comes to weddings as men may resist wearing pink clothing seeing it as more feminine. This is when you can use some diplomacy with the pink colour, you can say men could have different tie colours or have white button holes.

Pink Flower Combinations

Pink wedding flowers blend well when they are combined with other flower colours such as purple flowers. They do also combine well if combined with light and dark plants although this combination has to be done by a skilled person else there could be a decoration disaster. The inclusion of white colours can also enhance and lighten the outlook of the flowers.

Below is a short video for how to make a pink rose sphere bridal bouquet.